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Lens Materials

CR-39 or plastic

CR-39 or plastic is your basic lens material for individuals with a minimal prescription.  It has a high abrasion resistance, is about half the weight of glass, and yet offers optics or clarity almost comparable to glass. 


Polycarbonate is typically lighter and thinner than CR-39, provides UV protection, and is recommended for children and those in sporting activities or jobs with high velocity trajectiles.

High Index

High Index is designed for individuals with very high prescriptions and allow lenses to be thinner and lighter. 


Trivex is a newer plastic with many of the same properties of polycarbonate.  These lenses are thinner, lighter, and more impact resistant with good optics as well.

Crown Glass

Crown Glasswas originally used for many years because of it's superior optics. It's physical properties are much like window glass, hard, very clear, and heavy. Most patients prefer newer lens materials due to much lighter weight and durability. Many optical labs have discontinued using crown glass, but crown glass is a provided option with our optical.